Getting all selected rows in ADF Table with multiple rows selection enabled

When we build a web application which contains an ADF Table (with multiselect option), in many cases, we require to get all the selected rows to process through backing bean. This example will illustrate how to achieve that.

Assuming that we already have an application, that contains an ADF Table with multi-selection enabled (i.e the web page look something like the image shown below).

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Working with ADF Faces Calendar Component


Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 1 has a number of new features and this How To Document highlights the new ADF Calendar Component and includes a sample application to demonstrate use of the component.

The ADF Faces calendar component displays created activities in daily, weekly, monthly, or list view for a given provider or providers where the provider is the owner of an activity.

ADF Faces Calendar Showing Weekly View

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JDeveloper 11g and ADF Task Flow Parameters

People probably could think - ADF Task Flow is cool thing, but what it give us in daily life. How it can be applied in our projects? In this post, I will try to answer this question. I will describe two key features, you can start to use ADF Task Flow based on this functionality. ADF Task Flow contain many important things, but those two I think can be used in every project.

First thing - in JDeveloper 10.1.3 there is problem if application contains some 100 or more pages, page flow becomes complicated and diagram is not functional:

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ADF UI: Creating Autosuggest LOV Dinamic

I was curious to know if ADF supports autosuggest LOVs just like google search.. getting suggestions as you type in. Now, I found ADF has a nice way to achieve auto-suggest LOVs. 

1. Example UseCase: 

Let us take simple example based on scott schema. Lets say we're creating a new employee record and we need to enter departement name while creating the employee record. Let's make DeptName as LOV and implement auto-suggest behavior for the DeptName. i.e., getting the auto-suggested list of values as you type in the department name in the LOV.

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