JDeveloper 11g and ADF Task Flow Parameters

People probably could think - ADF Task Flow is cool thing, but what it give us in daily life. How it can be applied in our projects? In this post, I will try to answer this question. I will describe two key features, you can start to use ADF Task Flow based on this functionality. ADF Task Flow contain many important things, but those two I think can be used in every project.

First thing - in JDeveloper 10.1.3 there is problem if application contains some 100 or more pages, page flow becomes complicated and diagram is not functional:

Logical solution is to split page flow into separate pieces, but its not so easy in 10g. But, in 11g it becomes very easy - ADF Task Flow provides unbounded and bounded task flows. This means you can split page flow into separate parts and reuse those parts. One rule - called task flow can be only ADF bounded task flow, it can be called from ADF unbounded or bounded task flow. Bounded task flow contains one single entry point and can have many exit points.

Second thing - ADF Task Flow is not limited with only page flow splitting, it allows to pass parameters between separate parts of task flow. So, ADF Task Flow gives much more than just splitting into groups.

Developed sample application - TaskFlowParamaters.zip is based on standard HR schema, Departments and Employees entities. Unbounded task flow contains selectDepartments page and call to separate bounded task flow. Bounded task flow contains employees page and Task Flow Return component, this component allow to return to calling ADF Task Flow.

When I was creating this application, I have used Fusion Web Application (ADF) as a template for developed sample application. Empty unbounded task flow was created automatically - adfc-config.xml. My next step was to create bounded task flow - task-flow-definition.xml:

Bounded task flow will accept parameter - #{pageFlowScope.DepartmentId}, so I have defined it in Input Parameters Definition part:

In Property Inspector for Employees page, in Page Parameters section should be defined mapping between input parameter - #{pageFlowScope.DepartmentId} and paremeter that will be used in Employees page - #{pageFlowScope.departmentId}:

And last thing related to bounded task flow, as Task Flow Return component outcome name I have used word - back.

Unbounded task flow contains selectDepartment page, call for task-flow-definition bounded task flow and navigation between those components. selectDepartment page is used to choose department and with showEmployees Control Flow Case call employees page from separate task flow to display Employees associated with selected department:

One important thing - you should not forget to declare Input Parameter for bounded task flow call component. In Property Inspector, put value - #{pageFlowScope.DepartmentId} for departmentId parameter:

And..., actually we have developed two separate task flows with calls and parameter passing. How it works? Just run selectDepartment.jspx page, select any Department and press Employees button.

When Employees button is pressed, associated af:setActionListener saves #{bindings.DepartmentId.inputValue} into #{pageFlowScope.DepartmentId}. Page from separate task flow is opened with Employees working in selected Department:

Available Back button invokes Task Flow Return component and user is returned to unbounded task flow where selectDepartment page is available.

You may be interested to read my previous post about ADF Task Flows in JDeveloper 11g - ADF Task Flows in JDeveloper 11g.

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