ORA-01194: file 1 needs more recovery to be consistent

ORA-01194: file 1 needs more recovery to be consistent ORA-01110: data file 1: '...../system01.dbf'

Error: ORA 1194
Text: file needs more recovery to be consistent
Cause: An incomplete recovery session was started, but an insufficient number

of redo logs were applied to make the file consistent.
The named file was not closed cleanly when it was last opened by the
The most likely cause of this message is forgetting to restore the
file from a backup before doing incomplete recovery.

Action: The file must be recovered to a time when it was not being updated.
Either apply more redo logs until the file is consistent or restore
the file from an older backup and repeat recovery.
For more information about recovery, see the index entry "recovery" in

If all available archive logs are applied and all available online redo logs applied and the error is not corrected, only then should use of the parameter "_allow_resetlogs_corruption" be considered. Make sure a good backup of the database in a closed state (all files) is taken before attempting recovery using "_allow_resetlogs_corruption".


1) Do a "SHUTDOWN NORMAL" of the database

2) Set the below parameter in pfile like

_allow_resetlogs_corruption = true

3) Do a "STARTUP MOUNT pfile='pfile_location_name' " and "ALTER DATABASE OPEN RESETLOGS;"

4) If the database asks for recovery, use an UNTIL CANCEL type recovery and apply
all available archive and on-line redo logs, then issue CANCEL and reissue the

5) Wait a couple of minutes for Oracle to sort itself out


7) Remove the above parameter . (if pfile use)

8) Do a database "STARTUP" and check your ALERT.LOG file for errors.

9) export (successful exp) the data and rebuild (create a new db) the entire database for error free Database .

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